Banana Coconut Cream Pie

I was so happy with how this recipe turned out! So rich and creamy and absolutely addicting! I made this recipe for our weekly Tuesday Girls Night over at my mom’s house last week and it was a big hit! I almost wish I made two because the leftovers are JUST as good! Originally, I was going to make a coconut cream pie, but I didn’t have any coconut flakes, so I combined the best of both worlds- banana cream and coconut cream pie. How could that not be amazing?? So I bet you’re thinking, if there aren’t any coconut flakes, why are you calling this Banana COCONUT cream pie. Well, instead of making a classic vanilla pudding, I make the vanilla pudding with unsweetened coconut milk rather than whole milk. GAME. CHANGER. Here’s how I make it!

First, I make the pudding because this will need time to chill in the refrigerator.

Coconut Pudding Ingredients:

-2.5 cups coconut milk (I buy the Thai Kitchen 2 Simple Ingredients Unsweetened Coconut Milk)

-1/3 cup granulated sugar

-3.5 tbsp corn starch

-1.5 tbsp vanilla extract

-3 egg yolks

-very little pinch of salt

-1 tbsp salted butter

Coconut Cream Directions:

-Scald, don’t boil, coconut milk in saucepan

-In a large mixing bowl, whisk together egg yolks (separated from the whites- but hang on to those whites and add them to an omelet or something!)

-Add sugar, salt, corn starch and vanilla extract to eggs and whisk whisk whisk until it thickens up and turns to a pale yellow

-Once your coconut milk is scalding, using a ladle, pour in about 1 cup of the hot milk to the egg yolk mixture, whisking it as you pour in the milk until its a smooth mixture

-Add the yolk and milk mixture back into the rest of the hot milk, whisking it as you pour in

-Continuously whisk mixture over medium-low heat until the mixture really thickens up (about 8-10 minutes)

-Turn off the heat and whisk in your 1 tbsp of butter

-To ensure you don’t have any lumps in your pudding, pour it through a sieve into a medium-large size bowl and use your spatular to stir the pudding to help it pass through the sieve. Scrap the bottom of the sieve to make sure you get all the pudding you just worked so hard to make! (Well, not that hard… but you still just made pudding from SCRATCH) -Cover the pudding with plastic wrap, ensuring the plastic wrap is pressed against the pudding (This will prevent a skin from forming on top of the pudding)

-Refrigerate the pudding for about 3 hours to chill

Next, I make my crust! I am very proud of this crust because it is GLUTEN FREE AND YOU WOULD HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA! I have finally mastered it and I can’t wait for you guys to try and be just as pleased as I was!

Pie Crust Ingredients:

*Now keep in mind this recipe is for only the bottom of the pie dish. If you are making pie with a bottom and top crust, just double the recipe! I’ll be doing that this week when I make a blueberry pie for Girls Night!

-1 cup brown rice flour

-1/4 cup (a little bit over) tapioca flour (starch)

1/4 cup (a little bit less) buckwheat flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

11 tbsp COLD salted butter (cubed)

4-6 tbsp ice water

Pie Crust Directions:

– Preheat oven to 375 degrees

-Grease 9×9 pie dish with butter

-In food processor: Add in all your flour, salt and baking powder, pulse a few times to mix different flours together

-Add in cold cubed butter and pulse it to combine into flour until a course mealy texture

-One tablespoon at a time, add in ice water in the top of the food processor. Pulse dough until it comes together to form a somewhat ball-form. You want the dough to be formed together and not crumbling apart, but also not wet… I used about 5 tablespoons of ice water but you may use anywhere from 4-6 tbsp.

-On large sheet of wax paper, sprinkle with brown rice flour and place dough on top using your hands to lightly form into a disk shape. * Try not to manipulate too much… the warmth of your hands will start to warm the dough and we want it cold!

-Dust top of dough disk with more brown rice flour and place second piece of wax paper on top

-Roll out dough, rotating direction you are rolling to keep the disk round. Roll out to be around 1/8-1/4 ” thick

-Carefully peel off top layer of wax paper * Do this slowly as to not tear the dough

-Get your hands under the second piece of wax paper that your rolled out dough is on and carefully turn it out onto your pie dish and again, slowly peel off that second piece of wax paper.

-Now, at this point you can trim off the extra dough hanging off the sides of the pie dish. *Use those scraps to carefully press in to any short edges or cracks in your dough

-Crimp the crust to make the boarder look pretty

-Using a knife, make little slits throughout entire dough (bottom and sides of pie) so the dough doesn’t puff up in the oven

-Bake for about 25-30 minutes until golden brown

-Let the crust cool and come to room temperature before adding your pudding filling

Whipped Cream Ingredients/Directions:

-When you’re about to assemble your pie, make your whipped cream!

-In a stand mixer, or a chilled large bowl, whisk or beat 1/2 pint heavy cream

-When the cream just starts to leave some tracks and is slightly thickened, add in 1 tbsp vanilla extract and 1 tbsp powdered sugar

-Continue to whisk/beat until the whipped cream has relatively stiff peaks. Set aside.

To Assemble your Banana Coconut Cream Pie:

-In the bottom of your baked pie crust place a single (tightly packed with no empty spaces) layer of thinly sliced banana (1/4″ thick). I use about 2 medium size bananas

-Using a spatula, smear all that delicious pudding over the bananas *You might need to re-whisk the pudding to make it super smooth again once it comes out of the refrigerator

-Dollop your whipped cream onto the center of the pudding layer. Slowly and carefully start pushing the whipped cream to the crease of the crust. I like to leave like an inch boarder so you can still see some of the pretty yellow pudding

-Let the pie sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours

To Serve:

-Artfully place thinly sliced bananas over the whipped cream, slice and serve!

From my happy and healthy belly to yours,


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3 thoughts on “Banana Coconut Cream Pie

  1. This pie was delicious!!! The next day my husband shared the last leftover piece….no politeness….the faster fork wins!!


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