Hi, friends! Welcome to my new blog! This is my second attempt at blogging. My first go-around was more or less geared towards sharing recipes with my close friends and family. Well guess what? Small-thinking no more! My goal for this second attempt is to grow and expand my Dirty Apron adventures even broader! I am excited beyond words (i’ll try and type them out for you) to finally be posting! Although I may not the brightest bulb in the shed when it comes to navigating all the different pretty features, fonts, colors, designs, etc. this blogging world has to offer… I will do my best to compensate for that with my beautiful recipes! SO, with that said, let’s get cookin’ with crisco! I mean Kate… let’s get cookin’ with Kate… and probably olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil. I don’t think I own crisco. Kind of freaks me out.

Published by katesdirtyapron

Hi, folks! I'm Kate. I'm a home cook who has been inspired by generations of women who have provided quality and comforting dishes to our family since before I can remember. I am fortunate enough to come from a family of creative and talented women who can all cook like there's no tomorrow! Growing up in so many fantastic kitchens brought me to appreciate not only good-tasting food, but all the complexities of it as well. From texture, to color, to spices and unique flavors, to freshness and appreciation for home-grown and locally farmed produce, I have learned you can’t go wrong with making food that’s simple and colorful. I’m excited to share with you my creative creations inspired by my passion for wholesome foods that nourish the mind, body and soul. Let my yummy recipes inspire you to get your hands, counters, floors, and of course your aprons dirty! I make healthy, yet comforting recipes that are sure to satisfy any salty, sweet, or crunchy craving you may have. Let’s put on our favorite aprons, and get out our stain sticks friends. It’s time to cook!

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